For many of us our phone is an essential device that we are rarely without. They are even more useful when you take advantage of special mobile applications (apps) designed to make many aspects of our daily lives more simple. There are even apps that can help to increase efficiency and comfort in your Northbrook home this summer. Check out how these six innovative apps can make your summer a lot brighter.


The NOAA weather app gives you access to 7-day forecasts for the USA and Canada. This app boasts its level of accuracy, and ability to provide forecasts that are relevant for the user’s location. This is important for helping you to plan your activities and even with programming your thermostat. There is even an hourly forecast feature so you can keep tabs on conditions throughout the day. This free app is available for iOS and Android systems.


Energy costs can skyrocket during Illinois’ hot, humid summers. The Verde iPad app by Verde Sustainable Solutions, helps you to find ways to save electricity in your home via an energy audit. It allows you to see how various activities or behaviors impact your energy usage. Of course, you have to weigh the cost of applying Verde’s recommendations against the savings they will provide. The app might encourage you to invest in more energy-efficient appliances. Even if you only implement some of what Verde suggests, you will still be able to save energy and also positively impact your environment.


Busy schedules mean it is quite easy to become overwhelmed by everyday tasks. The HomeSavvy app sets up a maintenance schedule for your household chores based on your response to a list of questions about your home. It can remind you when you need to schedule professional maintenance for your AC, or when you need to perform simple tasks yourself such as changing the air filters.


Cooking indoors can raise the temperature in your home, causing your AC to go into overdrive. When the weather is not unbearably hot outside, it is a good idea to shift some of the cooking outdoors. GrillTime helps you to get that chicken or steak grilled to perfection. Within the app, select the type of meat, its thickness, and how well you want it cooked. The app’s timer will help you to achieve that ideal summer meal.

GrillTime is for iOS. If you want a grilling app for your Android phone, check out Steak Timer Plus. This app helps you to keep track of various preferences so that you can fix the perfect steak, chicken, or burger for everyone.

A Thermostat Control App

Your air conditioner creates a refuge for you from muggy summer weather, but your cooling needs can send your energy bills through the roof. Use an app on your smart device to control your Wi-Fi thermostat from afar. A Wi-Fi thermostat will allow you to adjust the thermostat setting as needed, so your home’s temperature is always as desired.


Poor air quality can lead to serious health problems, such as shortness of breath and eye and throat irritation. For those with serious respiratory problems such as asthma, poor air quality has even more serious implications. Download BreezoMeter to check the air quality index for your area. This handy app even has personalized health recommendations related to air quality.

Though there is nothing you can do about the general quality of outdoor air, there is much you can do about the quality of air in your home. Frequent dusting, proper disposal of waste, and reducing or eliminating the use of harmful chemicals are ways you can improve the quality of the air in your home. A professional will be able to properly assess your home, and identify problems and recommend solutions.

These apps designed for convenience, can help to make the hot season a little more bearable. Many of these apps can result in savings as they increase efficiency not just with regard to your systems, but with regard to your time as well.

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