With summer approaching, there are a lot of important maintenance tasks to consider for your home in Highland Park, Illinois. From tuning up your air conditioner for warm weather comfort to cleaning up the kitchen for your seasonal guests, proper maintenance will help you create a space that’s comfortable and welcoming during this laid-back time of the year.

Seal Your Home

Sealing gaps and cracks around the home is a regular task that you should tackle at least once a year. Properly sealing your home before summer hits Illinois is a smart way to keep the worst of the heat out. Carefully inspect the walls around the exterior of your house. Look for cracks around the baseboards and gaps beneath windows and doors. Seal cracks with caulk to keep air from slipping through.

Use weatherstripping around windows and doors. If you have existing weatherstripping, check it for signs of cracks and damage. You’ll need to install fresh weatherstripping every few years.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioner requires regular maintenance to deliver cool air efficiently. Ideally, you’ll schedule your tune-up for early spring before the height of cooling season. However, if you haven’t had maintenance performed on your system within the last 12 months, you should make your appointment as soon as possible.

During this visit, your service technician will clean and adjust internal components for the best performance and clue you in to any signs of pending repair needs. This is also a great time to address any heating or cooling questions you might have.

In addition to professional maintenance, you should also note regular DIY maintenance on your calendar. Once a month, look at your air filter to see if there’s a visible build-up of dust and dirt. Change your filter if it looks dirty or if it’s been three months since your last change.

Tackle Dust Bunnies

Dust is a common irritant that can hide in many sneaky places throughout your home. Start the season right by digging out those dust bunnies and giving your home a thorough cleaning.

Vacuum or sweep under beds, behind furniture and in the backs of closets. This will keep your air as clean as possible to help ease those common summer allergies. If you’re still suffering, consider installing an indoor air cleaner to eliminate irritants in the air.

Set Up Drop Zones

During the summer months, you’ll likely have some extra traffic running through the house. Kids and pets may bring in pollen, grass, dirt and other unwanted things from their adventures outdoors. Address this problem early by setting up drop zones at the beginning of the season.

Place a basket, table, or shelf near the front and back doors to collect shoes. Keep towels handy in these areas to wipe off sweat and rain, and also as buffers between your pet’s dirty feet and the floor.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

Prepare for the busy days of summer by giving your kitchen a little extra TLC. Before you host those cookouts and pool parties, it’s handy to create a fresh, clean space for meal prep.

Take care of those tasks that are easily neglected, such as washing the range hood and filter, cleaning the refrigerator door gasket, and scrubbing grout. Pull out appliances to scrub the floor beneath. Clean your cabinets for a fresh and organized approach to summer.

Wash the Windows

Springtime can leave your windows with an unwelcome film of pollen and dirt. Make sure you have a beautiful view of the sunny days outside by thoroughly washing your windows. Clean your windows inside and out, addressing the window tracks, frames and panes.

As you’re working, pay attention to any signs of damage, such as condensation in the glass. Damaged windows will decrease energy efficiency and cause your air conditioning bills to rise.

If you haven’t scheduled your summer HVAC maintenance yet, call Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning at 847-272-5836. We’ll make sure you’re prepared so that you can enjoy a cool, comfortable summer.

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