You’ve probably heard about the many innovations in the HVAC industry, including the growing popularity of smart and programmable thermostats. However, the thought of paying to install one more thing might be keeping you from jumping on the bandwagon. After reading this, we hope you’ll reconsider. Honeywell thermostats increase the efficiency of your air conditioner enough that they are well worth the investment. Here is what makes these innovative thermostats so special, along with a few specific thermostats that might be the perfect fit for homes in Northbrook, Illinois.

What’s the Big Deal With Thermostats?

The thermostat in your home is what connects you to your air conditioner. Through it, you have control over your comfort as well as the efficiency of the system itself. With the increasing popularity of programmable and smart thermostats, homeowners now have more control over comfort and efficiency in their home.

Programmable thermostats allow you to set different temperatures in your home for different times of the day. For example, you can save money while you’re away at work by setting the thermostat at a slightly higher temperature. You save energy and maintain comfort as the thermostat can be programmed to achieve a lower temperature in time for your return home.

These programming capabilities do more than just adjust the temperature while you’re away. They also allow you to “zone” your home. A zone refers to a separate area of your living space that you keep at a different temperature than other areas. This allows you to personalize your temperature control and keep energy waste to a minimum.

In addition to all the great capabilities of a programmable thermostat, smart thermostats have Wi-Fi connectivity, which brings temperature control into the palm of your hand via your smart device or Internet-enabled system. Responsible and effective use of smart and programmable thermostats contributes to a more efficient home and a lower utility bill.

Honeywell Thermostats

Honeywell has added its own innovative touch to this growing technology. Out of the many options that Honeywell has available, there’s bound to be one perfect for your home. Here are three of the best:

  • The Prestige IAQ HD Wireless Redlink Thermostat: The first thermostat on our list features a customizable HD touch screen and some very intuitive capabilities. The Prestige can program itself for maximum efficiency and comfort based on your responses to only a few questions. It also learns how long it takes rooms to reach desired temperatures and only runs for the minimum amount of time, thus leading to greater efficiency. The Prestige also sends you email alerts when your system is not working efficiently or is in need of a filter replacement or seasonal maintenance.
  • The Visionpro Wireless Redlink Thermostat: With Redlink wireless technology, this thermostat allows you to easily zone your home without installing wires to connect the various zones. With this thermostat you can also monitor humidification, dehumidification, and other aspects of indoor air quality. And as a smart thermostat, you can do all this from the convenience of your Android or Apple device.
  • The Focuspro Wireless Redlink Thermostat: Versatility is the name of this thermostat’s game. The Focuspro can work with any kind of heating and cooling system — whether a heat pump, gas, oil, or electric heating system. It also has seven-day programming capabilities, allowing you to program specific settings for different days of the week according to your preference. All programming capabilities can be accessed via the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app on your smart device.

These thermostats connect you directly to your HVAC system. Through that connection, you have personal control over the efficiency of your system. Honeywell thermostats put temperature control in your hands and allow you to reduce utility costs and save money for doing more fun things this summer. If you have questions about Honeywell thermostats or would like to have one installed in your home, give Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning a call at 847-272-5836.

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