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Homeowners who want the best available HVAC system while being careful stewards of the planet’s resources, have, at their fingertips, excellent high-tech air conditioning options. Before choosing a greener, cleaner HVAC, it is crucial to understand and maximize your structure’s existing “envelope” and built-in resources.

To do this, consult with a true, HVAC professional who is well-trained in the most advanced systems and knows the ins and outs of installing hi-tech systems. Many of today’s custom homes are designed to incorporate sophisticated electrical infrastructure that can easily incorporate new technology. However, not all homes are simple installations. Every house has idiosyncrasies that require smart, capable technicians who can navigate older walls, ceilings, basements and attics.

Remember, a smart air conditioner will operate at its optimal level only when it is correctly installed, and the operator or homeowner understands exactly how the system works.

Smart, Cool Options

Greener HVAC solutions can make a dramatic difference for those who want to do their part in maximizing the nation’s natural resources while minimizing the impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With an emphasis on sustainable living in Northbrook, Glenview, and Deerfield, smarter home systems can be a major benefit for such community initiatives.

According to the Energy Information Administration, Illinois residents exceed the national average in Btu consumption per site by 44 percent on a yearly basis. Nearly one-fourth of the state’s energy is used for residential needs, and the average home uses half of its energy in heating and cooling activity. Although the state’s harsh winters and heating demands play a major role in this consumption, air conditioning also factors into the residential energy equation.

Up and coming technology from manufacturers such as Carrier allows for a comprehensive approach to home comfort management, not only through installing a major system featuring environmentally friendly technology but also through the manner in which system components are controlled. The recent release of the company’s Cor Thermostat continues a legacy of innovation that taps into contemporary technology to create the products needed for making your home a haven.

Contemporary Choices for Your Home

Today’s HVAC innovations from Carrier provide some of the highest efficiency levels on the market, far surpassing those of the nearest competitors in some instances. A smarter system can be configured based on your home comfort needs and your green energy goals.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Renewable energy is one of the most environmentally responsible choices to consider in revamping your home’s comfort system. This type of system taps into the earth’s energy to promote the heat exchange process needed to both heat and cool your home. The stability of the earth’s temperatures allow for more reliable performance during the hottest summer conditions and through cold winter months. A decision about ground-source or water-source equipment must be made based on your access to sufficient space, a well, or a body of water in which the loops can be installed. Once installed, the loops can last for many decades. Mechanical equipment in a geothermal configuration also has an extended lifespan in comparison with a traditional air-source heat pump. The Performance Indoor Heat Pump can also be coordinated with a furnace to provide maximum comfort and smarter energy management during the heating season.

Infinity 21 Central Air Conditioner

Recognized for its ENERGY STAR approval in all system sizes and deemed a Best Buy winner by Consumer’s Digest, this system is the most efficient AC unit available from Carrier, offering a potential SEER of up to 21. The quiet system can complement your neighborhood setting with sound levels as low as 65 decibels. It also offers superior humidity control during the summer months. Puron refrigerant is used in compliance with today’s industry standards connected to the Freeon phase-out.

Greenspeed Heat Pumps

Carrier’s Infinity 20 Heat Pump with Greenspeed Technology is an excellent alternative to a traditional air conditioner. Cooling efficiency from this system can exceed that of many air conditioners, and Carrier’s system beats its nearest competitor’s heat pump efficiency levels by nearly 30 percent. Additional benefits of Greenspeed equipment include:

  • Quiet operation – the Infinity 20 system operates at a sound level as low as 58 decibels, approximately the same level of sound as background music or a restaurant conversation would provide.
  • Variable-speed compressor – the compressor adjusts based on both inside and outside conditions to provide the right level of heating or cooling as needed.
  • Intuitive controls – coupled with an Infinity Remote Access Thermostat, the system can adapt to your preferences and usage patterns.
  • Fear No Fahrenheit – Greenspeed technology allows this heat pump to operate at cold-weather temperatures that can leave other air-source heat pumps ineffective, an excellent choice for the tougher winter conditions of Illinois.

Hybrid Configurations

Although hybrid heating is possible with less advanced HVAC solutions, Greenspeed systems from Carrier provide the ability to integrate both a heat pump and a furnace for one of the smartest and most energy-efficient home comfort equipment configurations available to residential customers. When winter high temperatures are in the single-digit range, a reliable furnace may be the best choice for handling your home comfort. Although you may invest in an Infinity 20 heat pump for the exceptional cooling performance, a coordinating Infinity 98 furnace can ensure that your home is meeting your sustainable living and green energy goals more effectively.

No-Duct Solutions

Another important area of high-tech cooling technology is in ductless systems. The Toshiba Carrier Ductless Highwall Heat Pump allows you to address the cooling needs in a small space or throughout your home while achieving better home performance levels. Some advantages of a high-efficiency ductless system include:

  • High cooling efficiency levels – SEER of up to 23 is possible with the advanced ductless system from Carrier.
  • Reduction of energy loss – ducts can drain away up to 40 percent of your central cooling energy, affecting your own energy-efficiency goals as well as those of your community.
  • Customized comfort management – you can independently program each indoor unit to ensure ideal comfort levels in a given space.
  • Ultra-quiet system operation – with an operating sound level as low as 26 decibels, the system is as quiet as a rural residential setting.
  • Advanced ductless solutions can be used for home expansions or renovation projects when connection to your central ductwork in impractical.

Smart Thermostats

As you research new cooling technology, smart controls play a huge role in managing your home energy use. Carrier’s Cor thermostat allows you to achieve more from your existing equipment until you decide on a more advanced air conditioner or heat pump. It is also an excellent complement to an advanced HVAC system because of its intuitive touchscreen interface. With guided scheduling, service reminders, system status reports, and weather monitoring, this Wi-Fi-capable unit makes it possible to monitor actual data related to your home’s performance. Access the system from your smartphone or computer for a seamless technological experience.

Highly Skilled Technicians Make All the Difference

Because today’s high-tech AC and HVAC solutions can involve both structural and electronic issues, it is crucial that your technician is highly-trained in all facets related to your system upgrade. Whether you are considering the renewable benefits of a geothermal system or simply updating your summer comfort management solution with an advanced air conditioner and thermostat combination, your technician needs to be able to identify your home’s needs and limitations before recommending the best equipment options.

A geothermal system will involve obtaining permits related to excavation on your property needed to install the loops in the ground. Your home’s cooling load must be calculated to identify proper system sizing for a new air conditioner or heat pump. An overview of your heating system may be appropriate if you are considering a Greenspeed heat pump in place of a traditional air conditioner. The right technician will help you to navigate the choices to make the greatest impact on your home and the community at large.

Carrier technicians are factory trained to ensure that your equipment is installed according to the company’s high standards, and guarantees of Carrier systems are contingent on the authorized and appropriate handling of their systems. You can expect your technician to provide knowledgeable and courteous responses to your questions. You can also expect your home to be left in excellent condition once your installation is complete.

After Installation

Your technician’s work is not finished at the conclusion of an installation. Support is important if any HVAC repair needs arise in the future. Proper installation can limit your risk of an HVAC repair, but if anything should go awry, you can be confident that your Carrier contractor will provide the necessary support. You should plan for seasonal preventive maintenance each spring to ensure that cooling performance is optimized. Planned maintenance can also limit your risk of HVAC repair issues and maintain excellent efficiency levels.

Precision equipment demands high-quality care, and at Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, our team is proud to offer high-tech air conditioning solutions and services that are particularly popular among the residents of Northbrook, Glenview, and Deerfield. We are committed in helping you to achieve a smarter home environment with superior systems and services. Call us to set up a home evaluation today.