New Central A/CDo you feel like it’s time to install a new central A/C in your home? Perhaps you’ve realized that window units simply aren’t enough anymore, or that your home’s HVAC unit isn’t cooling your home as well as it used to. The cost of your power bill may be climbing, or your air conditioning may seem to be broken more than often than not.

Well, it’s actually great that you’ve had this revelation at the end of summer because, as it turns out, autumn is the best time of the year for purchasing a new HVAC system for Illinois homes.

Fall Is the Perfect Season for Installing a New Central A/C

Everyone knows that the days after Halloween and Valentine’s Day are prime time for buying candy, but not many people consider what time of year is the best for upgrading the HVAC system. As many homeowners are learning, fall is the optimal season for getting a bargain on heating and air conditioning units, as well as installation. Illinois’s brutal summers are partly to blame. Air conditioners have to work overtime to keep homes comfortable. They’re more likely to break, and HVAC contractors are busy all season trying to keep up with the demand.

When fall’s cooler air finally arrives, the A/C units and the people who maintain them finally get to take a break. This is the perfect window for installing a new central A/C unit, since so many companies are offering deals in order to attract business in the slower months. When winter comes, the contractors will be back in full swing while they try to keep up with broken furnaces and dying heaters.

How to Tell if Your Home Cooling System Is Wearing Out

Your HVAC unit may be trying to tell you that it’s time to find a replacement if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • An old unit – Most systems have a life span of about 15 to 20 years. If the one in your home is older than that, it’s worth considering a replacement. Although it will cost extra money now, the savings gained through energy conservation will make the investment well worth it in the years to come.
  • Calling for repairs more often – If you find yourself spending more and more money to keep your heat or air running, it would be prudent to go ahead and upgrade your system now.
  • Weird odors – If you smell something odd coming from the vents or the unit itself, especially if it resembles a burning odor, then it is likely time to consider installing a new central A/C system.
  • Uneven cooling or heating – If you’re having problems keeping the temperature even throughout the house, your HVAC unit is probably ready for replacement.

Take Care of It Now Instead of Waiting for an Emergency

Waiting for the air conditioner to break is a bad idea. It’s most likely to happen on the hottest day of the season. This means that contractors will be slower to come and fix the issue, since they’re busy dealing with all of the other broken systems in your town.

Having a system die in the middle of summer means not only waiting for the technician to evaluate your problem, but also an extra long wait. This extra downtime, plus the extreme heat of Illinois’s weather, means your family may have to stay elsewhere while the problem gets resolved.

Thanks to the cooler outdoors temperatures, autumn is the perfect time to upgrade to a new HVAC system. Your family won’t have to suffer through one stuffy or bone-chilling day while the system replacement takes place. Doing the research, purchasing and installation now means peace of mind for your family in the coming years.

You May Be Eligible for Government Incentives

Many homeowners aren’t aware of this, but your local and federal government want to help you upgrade your HVAC units to more Earth-friendly models. While researching what kind of system would work best with your home and lifestyle, be sure to see what kind of offers are available. Tax credits, rebates and incentives are typically offered to those purchasing energy efficient models.

To learn more about installing a new central A/C for your Evanston, Illinois home this fall, contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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