Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning Air Duct  RepairLeaking air ducts account for loss of between 10 and 30 percent of heated and cooled air in a home. Sealing up cracks and holes in your duct system can save up to 40 percent a year on home energy bills. Once again, developments in the area of clean, lasting solutions for air duct repair have led to great opportunities for homeowners.

Leaky Air Duct Symptoms

Air ducts are a conduit for moving air from point A to point B. Air ducts take the conditioned, or treated, air from the heating/cooling source through to the registers in each room. The air duct system must be sealed to operate within a set standard that provides a verifiable rate of air flow.

Any tears, cracks or gaps in ductwork or around the registers will allow your expensive, conditioned air to escape. Gaps also allow unconditioned, humid air and pollutants to enter the air duct system. The Energy Star program under the Environmental Protection Agency explains that leaking ducts cause several problems besides consuming more energy.

  • Leaking ducts create an uncomfortable indoor environment making rooms difficult to heat and cool. The heating and air conditioning systems must then work harder to maintain the desired temperature. Overworking the system will eventually cause early breakdowns and unnecessary HVAC repairs.
  • Leaks compromise indoor air quality by allowing pollutants to enter the duct system. Dust, fumes and other particulates begin to circulate through your living spaces. For those who already have allergies and/or asthma, pollutants, fumes and gasses will exacerbate these health issues.
  • Leaking ducts allow moisture to enter the conduit system, making rooms damp or clammy. Mold may accumulate in your air ducts and cause your air conditioner to cycle on more often in an attempt to remove excess humidity from the air. Unwanted humidity will eventually overtax the compressor and lend a hand in spreading mold spores.
  • Leaks impact airflow throughout the system, creating inconsistent heating and cooling throughout the home. The most common sign of an air duct issue is walking from room to room and finding areas that are drafty and others that are stuffy.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing

The Aeroseal duct sealing technique was developed by energy efficiency researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and given accolades by the facility as one of the top four energy-saving innovative technologies in the year 2000. Since then, the technique has been developed for commercial use and is one of the premiere methods of sealing leaking ducts. The technique can reduce duct leakage by up to 90 percent, saving both energy and money. If your ductwork is only 70 percent efficient, even with a 90 percent efficient furnace, overall efficiency drops to about 60 percent. This means that you waste 40 percent of the fuel used to power the unit.

Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning offers the Aeroseal duct sealing patented process to seal metal ductwork. Technicians test ducts for leaks to determine the extent of the problem. All registers and vents are closed off with foam plugs to ensure that the sealant stays in the duct system. The internal components of the air conditioner and furnace are also blocked. We use specialized equipment to blow small particles of adhesive materials into the ducts. Because the system is sealed, the aerosol can only exit through holes and gaps in the system. The particles stick to the edges of these gaps and then to each other to seal the ducts from the inside out.

After sealing, we again test to verify that the system is airtight. We provide each customer with a certificate verifying the results. The duct sealing system is guaranteed for 10 years in residential homes.

Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning Services

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If you think you have leaking ducts or would like to discuss other problems with your furnace, air conditioner or indoor air quality, contact Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning Services. We solve air quality issues, improve ventilation and help you save money by increasing performance of existing systems instead of having to replace them.