With spring comes a motivation to do better and change aspects of our lives. It’s a fresh start for everyone. And while you’re getting your fresh start, why not give your budget one as well? There’s no better place to start cutting costs than from your utility bills. A few simple lifestyle changes can help you cut your Northbrook, Illinois, utility bills. Purge vampire energy, elevate your HVAC efficiency, and go through the rest of the year with cheaper utility costs than you’ve had in years.

Vampire Energy

Just as vampires suck the life out of their victims, vampire energy sucks the funds from your accounts, and usually without you ever realizing it. Sure, you may turn off the lights when you leave a room and avoid leaving the TV on all day, but every appliance or electronic, no matter how small it is, is sapping power, even when it’s turned off. Who knew you were spending money while you were asleep?

You can start purging vampire energy by plugging your electronics and small appliances into a power strip. When you’re headed out of town or just to bed for the night, turn off the power strip to stop the flow of energy. You can also just unplug the electronics and appliances. But never unplug larger ones, like your refrigerator or oven.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

But doesn’t maintenance cost money? Sometimes, you have to spend a little to save a lot. Regular HVAC maintenance (usually conducted twice a year, in the spring and fall) completed by a licensed technician raises the efficiency of your HVAC system. By significantly raising the energy efficiency of your system, you’ll save much more over the months than you spent on the maintenance.

These two lifestyle adjustments may seem minute, but their effects compound enough that you’ll look back on your utility bills six months from now and wonder how you ever spent so much just to keep your home alive. To get a hand lowering those utility costs, call Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning at 847-272-5836.

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