Packaged HVAC systems have all of their components in a single casing and come assembled from the factory for guaranteed quality. Installation is faster and easier than with conventional systems, and you can choose window units, wall-mounted units, or a rooftop unit for your Deerfield, Illinois, home. Here are some of the benefits of a packaged HVAC system for homes or businesses. 

Lower Costs

A packaged HVAC system is usually less expensive than a customized central system. You can save on the system itself, as well as installation and maintenance. Since all the parts are in one place, technicians won’t have to travel to different parts of your home to fix a problem or install a new system. This makes service simpler and faster.

Energy Savings

Compact packaged systems don’t have to work as hard as central systems with indoor and outdoor components, so they’re more efficient. Some packaged HVAC systems use even less energy for cooling by circulating water over a heat exchanger or condenser. Many businesses use these systems for maximum savings in large buildings like warehouses.


You can choose a packaged system with a gas unit, an electric unit, or a heat pump. Packaged units make ideal supplemental systems since adding a packaged system after a renovation is more economical than modifying your existing central system.

If your home or business has more than one packaged unit, you can match each unit’s size and configuration to the space it will condition. Special thermostats can control each unit independently so you never have to heat or cool unoccupied areas. You can also make just one or two rooms warmer or cooler for comfort. For example, a hot kitchen may need more air conditioning than the living room.

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