Do you love being up to date with all of the latest technology? Are you fascinated by the new smartphones, laptops and other innovative devices? Innovation isn’t only taking place over in the car and communication worlds; it’s also pervasive in the HVAC industry. You can bring your Northbrook, Illinois, HVAC system into this era of innovation, with amazing new technology. New HVAC tech is becoming more main stream and affordable. They offer many benefits, but the fact that they are energy-saving technologies that lower costs and make your life more convenient, make them a must.

Smart Homes

Now you can apply the convenience and efficiency of your smartphone to your entire home. Smart home technology connects everything from your HVAC to your security, to your lighting, and allows you to control it all from the convenience of your phone. You can get started transforming your home into a smart home by installing a smart thermostat.

Thermally-Driven Air Conditioning

While smart home technology is becoming widely used, thermally-driven air conditioning is still gaining traction. This technology, created in Australia, is a far cheaper alternative to conventional air conditioning. Thermally-driven AC is run by solar panels that absorb enough power to keep you comfortable in even extreme temperatures. Not only does this method of air conditioning eliminate dependence on the electrical grid system, but it also is said to provide better cooling than conventional air conditioning. Keep an eye out for this technology!

Motion-Activated Air Conditioning

Motion-activated lighting has become much more popular in recent years, and the same principle is currently in development for HVAC systems. This system was developed at MIT. A motion-activated AC works by utilizing aluminum rods in your ceiling, each of which has motion sensors attached. When these sensors detect movement below, the AC kicks on. This, too, is technology that aims to increase efficient HVAC use in the home. This technology is still in the early stages of implementation.

Different areas of HVAC innovation will continue to bring greater efficiency and convenience to homes across Illinois. To get started with increasing efficiency in your home today, call Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning today at 847-272-5836.

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