You’re familiar with the typical allergy symptoms most Winnetka, Illinois, residents suffer from. Sometimes when those regular symptoms are gone, you don’t realize you still have allergens lurking in your home and causing additonal symptoms. Strange issues like itchy ear canals indicate that your allergies aren’t as under control as you thought. Are you experiencing any odd allergy symptoms?

Your Ears Itch

Itchy ears are actually more common for allergy sufferers than you might realize. Most people don’t connect irritated or itchy ear canals with allergy season, so don’t realize the symptom might be due to seasonal allergies. Some allergens can cause your ear canals to get slightly inflamed, which makes them itchy and annoying. Talk to your doctor about ear drops or antihistamines.

You’re Grumpy

Allergy season is enough to make anyone grumpy. But your allergies could be causing you mood issues because they’re depriving you of sleep. If your bed has allergens trapped inside it, or your sheets aren’t clean, you spend all night breathing in your allergies. Stuffy noses and itchy eyes make for some pretty poor sleep, so you awaken not feeling rested at all. When you’re going through your days tired and irritated, allergies are a possible cause.

You Wake Up with a Sore Throat

Those same allergens depriving you of your REM cycles could also be causing a sore throat. If your sinuses are clogged, you’ll become a mouth breather at night, which dries out your throat. Upon waking, you feel uncomfortable, scratchy, or parched. It’ll go away quickly during your morning, but wouldn’t you rather wake up without a sore throat?

Dirty air filters or bad home insulation could be contributing to your allergen issues. Roberts Heating and Air is here to help you solve your IAQ problems. Contact us at at 847-272-5836 for a duct cleaning and an HVAC maintenance appointment so we can help you remove most of your allergy triggers from within your home.

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