A zoning system has a different thermostat for every zone or room, so you never have to heat or cool unoccupied areas. Many people have a zoned system installed when renovating their Glenview, Illinois, home. Zoning your home can turn out to be less expensive than replacing your existing system with a larger unit. Professionals can add zoning to an existing system by installing dampers or baffles in your ductwork to block airflow between zones. HVAC zoning makes you and your family more comfortable, saves energy, and increases your indoor air quality.

Increased Comfort

Zoning lets you choose different temperatures for different rooms so that everyone in your family can stay comfortable. This prevents drafty areas and warm spots. For example, you may need to feel warmer in the living room, but a family member in the bedroom might already have ideal temperatures. If you have central air conditioning, adjusting the temperature in the living room could make it too hot for the person in the bedroom. Zoning ensures each area has just the temperature needed.

Energy Savings

Zoning helps you to save energy and lowers your utility bills. You avoid heating or cooling empty rooms. Save even more energy with a programmable thermostat. You can set your thermostat according to the schedules of family members. Programming the thermostat according to sleep, school, and work schedules will ensure energy efficiency. You can even use your smartphone, tablet or PC to control some programmable thermostats.

Higher Indoor Air Quality

Zoning keeps indoor pollutants like dust, dirt, pollen, mold, and pet dander from spreading through your home. In systems that rely on central air conditioning, some contaminants can travel from one area to another, but this doesn’t happen as easily with a zoned system.

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