The right thermostat can help you save energy, increase comfort and make your life more convenient. For one of the best devices available, choose a Honeywell thermostat. The company has been producing quality thermostats to homeowners in Glenview, Illinois, for nearly a century, and the technology inside them has progressed a great deal. Honeywell thermostats provide amazing benefits like wireless communication, extra efficiency and lots of options.

Wireless Communication

You can control many Honeywell thermostats wirelessly with your computer or smartphone. They can also communicate with other wireless devices like cameras and motion sensors. You can check on the condition of your home remotely anytime and make changes even if you’re vacationing in another country. You can also get detailed information about your energy costs and indoor air quality.

Extra Efficiency

Many Honeywell thermostats can turn your heater or air conditioner up or down automatically when you’re away or asleep. Then, they can return the air to a comfortable temperature when you return or wake up. You can save energy without being too hot or too cold.

Advanced controls let you change the fan speed of a compatible HVAC system, and a convenient energy-saving mode is also available. Many thermostats even communicate with connected sensors to learn about your routines over time. As a result, they save you time and hassle.

Lots of Options

Honeywell thermostats come in a variety of shapes and colors. Many have convenient touch screens, humidity monitors, voice recognition and their own free apps. Installation is easy enough for HVAC amateurs, and you can choose the background color of many screens.

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