Packaged HVAC systems contain pre-assembled heating, cooling or ventilation equipment. There are various types of packaged HVAC systems, including packaged air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces. You can find the evaporator coil, condenser and compressor all in one cabinet. A professional will usually install it on a concrete slab next to your home’s foundation. Not only are packaged HVAC systems efficient and easy to install but they can also increase the value of your Northbrook, Illinois, home.

High Efficiency

Since all the parts of a packaged HVAC system are closer to each other than in a conventional split system with an indoor and an outdoor unit, it’s more efficient. If you have more than one packaged system, you can even use zoning, which lets you shut off the units in unoccupied areas or zones to save energy and lower your utility bills.

Easy Installation

Packaged systems are simpler and less expensive to install than most conventional heaters or air conditioners. Since they’re mostly assembled at the factory, professionals just need to connect them to existing ductwork. Installation usually takes one or two days, while many other systems can take about a week to install. Maintenance is more straightforward for packaged systems as well.

Increased Home Value

With a packaged HVAC system, you won’t need space for an indoor unit. You can use that space for an extra closet or a laundry room instead, making your home more appealing to potential buyers. Packaged systems are also quiet, and many models include exhaust fans for better ventilation and indoor air quality.

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