Radiant heating, also called radiant floor heating or RFH, can help you lower your utility bills and increase the value of your Deerfield, Illinois, home. They supply heat through pipes filled with hot water, steam, or electric resistance wires. These heat sources are installed in floors or walls to increase heating efficiency and comfort. Some businesses and homes use radiant heating on patios and other outdoor areas as well as indoors. People have used this form of heating since ancient Rome, and it’s becoming more and more popular. Radiant heating can do a lot to improve indoor air quality and comfort.

Increased Efficiency

Water, tile, linoleum, stone, or other materials conduct heat very well. Heating your home in this way requires less energy. The air from a conventional HVAC system might not heat your home efficiently, so it has to stay on longer to keep your home comfortable. Leaks in ductwork also waste energy, while radiant systems don’t have ducts. Many radiant heating systems have different thermostats for different rooms or zones. That way, you can control each zone independently and avoid wasting energy heating empty rooms.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Since radiant heating systems don’t circulate air, they don’t spread contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, mold, and pet dander through your home. You’ll be able to enjoy improved indoor air quality without having to change an air filter or have your ductwork cleaned.

More Comfort

In homes with furnaces, hot air rises towards toward the ceiling, leaving areas closest to the ground cold. This can make it harder for you to get warm and can cause the upper floors to become too hot. Radiant heaters prevent uncomfortable temperature fluctuations by releasing heat more slowly and evenly. They’re also much quieter than conventional furnaces.

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