Your exterior AC unit is a critical part of your HVAC system. However, many homeowners in Northbrook, Illinois, find it an unsightly feature in the yard. You can shade the unit from the sun and keep it out of view with some creative landscaping strategies. Try these landscape ideas to conceal your exterior AC unit without diminishing your energy efficiency:

Box it Off

One popular way to conceal an exterior AC unit is to surround it with a simply constructed box. You can use lattice-work fencing, wooden slats or cedar planks. You may want to mimic the siding material on your house or paint the box to match. When you’re using this tactic, remember that the unit needs adequate air circulation. Leave a space of several inches between any planks or slats so air can get through easily.

Construct a Screen

Screening off the unit on two or three sides will conceal it from view with minimal construction. Consider using window shutters or a mosaic screen. Any durable divider that can withstand the elements can shield your AC unit from view. Keep the screen away from the unit so it’s not touching or leaning on it in any way, as this will block airflow and diminish your energy efficiency.

Use Greenery

If you want a natural looking screen for your HVAC unit, greenery can offer an attractive solution when you’re mindful about where you use it. This option requires extra care, as you’ll need to trim and maintain the greenery regularly. Keep shrubs, grasses, and plants two to three feet from the unit on all sides. Make sure clippings, branches, and debris never gather around the base of the unit and impede airflow.

Though these tactics will keep your AC unit out of sight, it shouldn’t be out of mind. Don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance visits to keep the system operating at peak efficiency. Contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning at 847-272-5836 to schedule your visit.

Image provided by Shutterstock