If you are constantly downing glasses of ice-cold beverages and feel as if you can’t get cool enough during the summer months, we feel your pain. As a hot-natured person, it’s difficult to balance home comfort with energy efficiency when the heat index soars in Deerfield, Illinois. However, effectively programming your thermostat can provide much-needed relief. Follow these tips for effective thermostat programming if you are hot natured.

Simple Tactics Can Help With Cooling

While you don’t want to sweat through the summer, you probably don’t want to face high energy bills, either. You can increase comfort by making even small and inexpensive changes. Wear lightweight clothing while you’re in the house, drink those ice-cold beverages, and run ceiling fans to create more air flow. Avoid eating heavy meals because the added calorie intake will make you feel warmer.

You can also invest in products that help you stay cool. For instance, many hot-natured people find it even more difficult to stay cool at night. Many stores now carry pillows that feature advanced cooling technology.

Find Your Comfort Zone

Once you’ve made adjustments to improve cooling efficiency in your home, start experimenting with your thermostat settings. Use the recommended energy-saving range when programming your thermostat. Set the temperature as high as you can within that range to determine your limit and lower or increase as needed. Every degree you increase your thermostat will increase your energy savings.

You can also take advantage of programmable thermostats that let you create a different setting for each day of the week according to your schedule. Using your thermostat wisely will keep your home comfortable day and night.

Even if you are hot natured, it’s not impossible to stay cool during the summer and still keep your energy bills from skyrocketing. Many factors can affect cooling efficiency and even the effectiveness of your programmable thermostat. Call Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning today at 847-272-5836 for more advice about improving cooling efficiency, or contact us to schedule an appointment for thermostat installation or other HVAC services.

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