If you’ve installed a ductless mini split system in your home, you’ve already seen how efficient and cost-effective this type of heating and cooling equipment can be. To maintain that performance over the long term, it’s necessary to perform regular preventive maintenance on the system.

Ductless Mini Split Maintenance

ductless mini splitHere are some of the more important maintenance tasks to keep in mind.

  • Change the air filter – One of the most important maintenance tasks for mini splits or any HVAC system is regular air filter changes. Air filters help keep your indoor air clean by trapping and holding dust, dirt, mold, pollen and other particulates. When it’s dirty, an air filter can’t perform this function. Dirty, clogged air filters also affect airflow within the system. Reduced airflow can, over time, damage HVAC equipment.
  • Clean the coils and other components – Regularly clean the indoor and outdoor coils of the system to ensure continued effective heat transfer. Make sure the outdoor unit is also kept clean and free of dirt, grass, leaves or other debris that could interfere with airflow. Restricted airflow to the outdoor unit could cause the compressor to overheat, which could then lead to an expensive breakdown.
  • Ensure proper drainage – As the system works, it provides a measure of dehumidification for your indoor environment. This means that condensation will develop. Make sure there’s a proper drainage system and that the drains are clean and free from clogs. There should be no standing water in the drain pan. It may be necessary to add an algaecide to the drains to limit growth that could clog the drains.
  • Contact your HVAC professional for expert inspections and adjustments – Get in touch with your trusted local HVAC contractor to schedule a professional maintenance appointment. Your HVAC pro will be able to do a technical inspections, make adjustments and perform minor repairs that will keep the system working properly.

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