As the summer approaches, it’s important to have the proper air conditioning system for your Northbrook, Illinois, home. However, there are many factors involved in choosing the right one. Price, efficiency, and size are all major considerations when it comes to having the right air conditioner. Use this guide to help you make the correct decision.

Size Considerations

Perhaps the hardest part of choosing the right size air conditioner is deciphering the manufacturer’s system. Most central ACs use tonnage as their measurement, which can be confusing if you are not an HVAC professional. As a general rule, a 1,000-square-foot home needs a 1.5 or two-ton air conditioner, 2,000 square feet requires a three-ton unit, and 3,000 square feet necessitates one that is about five tons. When in doubt, consult a reputable HVAC company. A unit that is too big or too small will stress the system and cost you money.

Premium Efficiency

To help control utility costs, it is important to buy an air conditioner that has maximum efficiency. The easiest way to find an efficient AC is simply by looking for the Energy Star logo. A more precise measurement is the unit’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ration). Basically, this measures the air conditioner’s level of energy consumption as it cools your home. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the air conditioner in providing cooling.

Budget Constraints

Don’t spend thousands of extra dollars on a central cooling system when a less expensive model will do. Air conditioners definitely have a range of efficiencies, and although some are better than others, throwing money at the problem doesn’t necessarily mean it will work better. When you think of your budget, also remember that it includes monthly bills and maintenance factors.

By choosing the right air conditioning system for your home, you can positively impact your comfort levels. The next step is to find the right contractor to install your system. For effective air conditioning installation techniques and other cooling systems and solutions, call Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning today at 847-272-5836 today.

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