The muggy summers in the greater Chicago area can sometimes leave you feeling as if your only choices are to either bear the overwhelming heat or spend a fortune trying to make your house comfortable for everyone. You can actually save money on cooling and keep your home nice and comfortable all summer long with simple and inexpensive changes.

Install Awnings

Awnings at strategic points will help to shield your home from the direct rays of the sun. They may decrease solar heat gain by as much as 65 percent on windows with a southern exposure. If one shades your air conditioner, it will help to keep the unit cool and increase its efficiency.

Get More Out of Your Windows

Keep your windows closed and covered during the hottest part of the day, but during cooler evenings, you can take advantage of airflow to cool things down inside. Hot air rises, so if you have any high windows, make sure to open those as often as possible.

Using window coverings such as curtains, blinds or even tinting, can also make a lot of difference in lessening the effect of the sun’s rays entering your home. White curtains and other window treatments help to reflect heat from the house.

Take Care of Your AC

You can help your AC to perform more effectively by replacing the air filters and keeping the unit clean. Investing in routine maintenance will also go a far way in ensuring your unit lasts a long time, and that major repairs will be less likely. A trained technician will be able to identify potential problems and take preventive action. Save money year-round on AC and heating maintenance by joining Roberts’ Discount Club, and earn discounts on any needed repairs.

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