Concerned About Indoor Air Quality During the Winter Indoor air quality (IAQ) should be something to consider throughout the year in northern Illinois. With only a few weeks or months out of the year when windows are left open, sealing up your home tight can decrease the amount of clean air circulating from room to room. Here are some of the benefits of improving indoor air quality and how you can make the air inside your home cleaner and fresher year round.

Benefits of Better Indoor Air Quality

  • Fewer airborne particulates: The amount of airborne particulates, such as dust, pollen, fibers and gaseous material such as smoke and odors will be reduced if you boost IAQ.
  • Reduced respiratory effects: Respiratory conditions triggered by inhaling particulates, smoke or strong odors will be reduced. This will make it easier to breathe in your home and reduce the possibility of asthma or allergy attacks.
  • Fresher air: Better IAQ naturally leads to fresher, better-smelling air. This makes your indoor environment more comfortable and pleasant.

How to Get Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Eliminate particulates and odors through source control: Control odors, fumes and particulates at their source, reducing or eliminating the use of products that can have strong odors. Vacuum and dust your home frequently to eliminate the buildup of particulates. Avoid activities such as painting or sanding, which can create both fumes and particulates.
  • Improve ventilation: When possible, open windows or run fans to increase the circulation of air into your home. In the winter, this may not be practical. In that case, check into installing an energy recovery ventilator, a whole-house ventilation system that recycles heating energy by warming incoming fresh air with the heat from outgoing stale air.
  • Use air purification and filtration to eliminate particulates: Air filtration systems can be attached to your HVAC system to ensure the air entering your home thoroughly filtered to remove particulates.

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