IAQ affects HVAC SystemThe quality of the air in your home is always an important concern. Your house’s air may be filled with all types of contaminants, including dust, mold, bacteria and more. These contaminants cause asthma, exacerbate allergies, and can even lead to illness.

Many households attempt to regulate indoor air quality (IAQ) with the HVAC system. But what they don’t realize is that just as the HVAC system affects indoor air quality, IAQ can have a serious impact on the heating and cooling system.

The main purpose of the system’s air filter is to keep the components free of dirt and other contaminants, which can affect its performance and increase energy use. However, if you allow the air filter to become clogged or otherwise neglect the system, it can lead to dust accumulation on and around the components, as well as within the ductwork.

If the ducts are insulated with fiberglass or fiberboard, that material can collect even more contaminants, as well as moisture, leading to mold and mildew growth. This particularly happens in the hot, humid summer months, when increased moisture in the air leads to increased moisture on condenser coils. As these contaminants accumulate in the system and within the ductwork, they’re then blown throughout the entire home, via the HVAC system’s fan.

In order to combat this contamination, first make sure the HVAC system is inspected annually to eliminate buildup of contaminants on interior components. Also make sure to change the air filter regularly, so that particles continue to be filtered efficiently. You might even want to invest in a separate, whole-house air filtration system, which can capture and remove even more and finer contaminants from your home. In any event, keeping the HVAC system healthy can lead to a better IAQ, and improving IAQ leads to a healthier HVAC system.

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