duct sealingAre you losing money due to leaking, inefficient ductwork? The average home loses about 20 percent of its conditioned air through holes, leaks and poorly connected or insulated ducts. As a result, A/C systems have to work harder on cooling the space,which in turn increases energy costs. The good news is that you can improve cooling efficiency with duct sealing– a task that will save you money and make your home more comfortable this summer.

The Role of Ducts in Heating and Cooling

Your air ductwork carries conditioned air from your central air conditioner to your living space trough a network of ducts. Generally, ducts are located inside walls, floors and ceilings, and are often routed through unconditioned spaces, like garages, attics and basements. If your ductwork has leaks or is poorly insulated, some of that conditioned air is being siphoned off into those unused spaces as it travels through the air ducts.

Improve Cooling Efficiency with Duct Sealing

So how do you know if you need to improve cooling efficiency with duct sealing? While most of your ductwork is likely tucked away out of sight, you can get a general idea of its condition by examining air ducts that are exposed, generally found in basements, crawlspaces or attics. First, look for sections that have separated at their joints, as well as obvious holes or corrosion. You can use duct mastic or foil tape to seal any leaks you find, but don’t use duct tape – it deteriorates quickly. Next, check for insulation. Ducts that run through unconditioned areas lose conditioned air if they aren’t insulated. If yours have been left bare or insulation has deteriorated, you can improve your A/C’s cooling efficiency by getting those areas properly insulated.

While sealing and insulating ducts might seem easy to do, problems in exposed ductwork generally means that hidden ones also need attention. Calling your HVAC contractor for an inspection is always the best choice.

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