Having icy driveways, walkways, and stairs can be a hazard in your Wilmette, Illinois, home. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have these areas free from ice during the winter? With our de-icing and snowmelt systems, you can feel safer walking up ice-free stairs or driving on a driveway free from dangerous, slippery ice. Let’s explore the different parts of your home or business that can benefit from de-icing.

Walkways, Stairs And Driveways

Walking on slippery ice when carrying groceries or holding your toddler’s hand can be dangerous. Falling on ice can cause bumps and bruises or even a broken bone. With our state-of-the-art snowmelt systems, we can customize where the electrical de-icing cables go. The low-voltage cables have self-regulating sensors built in that can read and respond to snow and ice accumulation in accord with the ambient air temperature. The system automatically turns on and melts as needed. You can sleep better knowing your stairs and walkways will be ice-free in the morning.

Residential Gutters and Roofs

When ice develops on your roof during the night and melts into water during the day, it normally rolls into the gutters before draining. However, if the water freezes inside the gutter, it creates an ice dam. Water then flows over the dam and freezes in the form of icicles. Icicles aren’t only dangerous if they drop on your head.The accumulated weight can also cause structural damage to your roof and gutters. We can install de-icing cables on your roof and along the gutters to eliminate ice dams.

Commercial Parking Garages

For commercial businesses that have parking areas that tend to get iced up, there could be liability issues if someone spins out or falls on the garage floor. We can install electrical de-icing cables under the paved surface so that your parking garage can be free from hazardous ice. Stay safe this winter by having de-icing systems installed where you need them the most. As a result, you’ll avoid potential liability issues and lawsuits.

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