The way you have your Evanston, Illinois, home landscaped can improve your home’s energy efficiency. When you use landscaping tricks like planting shade trees, you help naturally cool your home so that your HVAC system doesn’t have to use so much energy. After all, the HVAC system is one of the biggest energy users in your home, so when you want better efficiency, it only makes sense to help the HVAC system.

Shade Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor part of your AC has to weather the elements, so give it a little help with some landscaping protection. A fence or a hedge around the unit will help protect it from debris and will dampen the noise it makes. Install the barrier a few feet away from the AC unit so that the air still has room to flow.

While you don’t want leaves and twigs dropping into your outdoor unit, a tall enough tree will provide some shade without too much debris. Just make sure the branches aren’t hanging too low. You can also use a cloth shade or an umbrella to keep the sun from beating down on the system and making it use more energy.

Create Air Corridors

By trimming your trees and hedges the right way, you can create corridors around your home where the breeze will naturally flow. What you want to do is trim tree boughs so no branches are on the lowest few feet of the trunks. If you plant your hedges a few feet away from your house’s foundation, they’ll also help create a little corridor for the breeze. At night, you can crack your windows and enjoy the cool air ventilating your home.

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