The air filter in your Glenview, Illinois, home does an important job. It removes small particles like dust and dander as air passes through the filter into the HVAC system. While a good filter can stop a significant amount of airborne pollutants, it’s not always enough to handle your home’s air quality issues. Consider these questions to determine if changing the filter is enough or if you need an air purifier.

Has Your Home Efficiency Dropped?

Have you noticed an unexplained increase in your home’s energy bills? If your HVAC usage has remained steady yet your bills have increased, the air filter is a likely culprit.

Your furnace or air conditioner will require more energy to pull air through a dirty filter. If it’s been more than a month since your last filter change, check it for dirt. A maintenance visit can also help.

Does Your Home Have Heavy Dust?

Do you notice a significant amount of dust mites floating in shafts of sunshine? Are you regularly dusting the same surfaces again and again each week? If you have a lot of dust in your home, your first tactic should be to increase the frequency of filter changes.

If you’re swapping the air filter out monthly and still see a problem, it’s time to go a step further. An air purifier offers more efficient filtering by collecting smaller particles that a standard air filter can’t.

Is Your Health Suffering?

Do you or a family member suffer from asthma, allergies, emphysema, COPD or another related condition? Do you experience an endless string of cold and flu bugs?

An air purifier can stop those tiny contaminants that cause asthma and allergy flare-ups. Many can even stop bacteria and viruses from circulating through the home.

If you’re suffering from serious discomforts due to poor air quality, go beyond a filter change and try an air purifier instead. Contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. at 847-272-5836 to explore your options.

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