We get it. You want the cheapest HVAC solution possible for your Deerfield, Illinois, home, but what you may not realize is that hiring a cheap contractor can cost you more money in the long run. Here are a few people you should never let touch your HVAC system.

Unqualified Contractors

Also called “fly-by-night contractors,” unqualified contractors may present themselves as professionals, but they lack the education and credentials of a professional HVAC technician. You may find these contractors advertising on sites like Craigslist or in your local newspaper. They aren’t affiliated with professional HVAC companies and can’t produce customer recommendations to back up their claims.

Typically, unqualified contractors come into your home and do the bare minimum to get a payday, leaving you worse off than before.

Local Handymen

Your family probably knows at least one local handyman who can take care of any home repair or maintenance issue. The problem is that your friendly neighborhood handyman probably isn’t certified to work on HVAC systems. Sure, he may do a fantastic job painting your house or building a pantry, but he won’t have expert knowledge in how to tackle HVAC repairs. These handymen are best reserved for home improvements that aren’t quite so technical.

Family Members

Just because your cousin or father-in-law claims they’ve fixed their own HVAC systems on occasion doesn’t mean they’re qualified to service yours. Unless your relative is licensed and certified, a “thanks, but no thanks” is all you should say.


It’s tempting to tackle a do-it-yourself HVAC project. Sure, you can buy a few books on the subject, watch some YouTube videos, and follow instructions, but you’re not qualified to anticipate problems or even spot issues that could indicate serious problems. More than that, you’re more likely to cause more damage or void your system warranty. No matter which way you look at it, you simply won’t save money DIYing your HVAC.

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