A cold floor can create an icy shock first thing in the morning, especially when your feet were comfortably nestled all night under a pile of blankets. As the mercury drops in Deerfield, Illinois, installing a floor heating system could be very beneficial. Not only can floor heating improve your comfort during the fall and winter months, it can also be advantageous for your family’s health. Floor heating systems provide highly efficient, energy-saving solutions for heating, and are especially ideal in regions that receive long periods of very cold weather.

How Floor Heating Systems Work

Floor heating systems are also referred to as radiant floor heating or in-floor radiant heating systems. Warmth is supplied by electric heating cables (electric) and hot water tubes (hydronic) installed beneath the floor. Heat waves rise from these systems and warm objects rather than directly heating the air. Heat is then radiated from the warmed objects.

Consistent Temperatures

This system offers a solution to inconsistent temperatures in your home. There will be no hot and cold pockets of air because the heat comes from the floor and not through vents. In forced-air systems, warmer air tends to rise while air closer to the ground remains cool. In addition, unlike a furnace that cycles on and off, in-floor systems provide a steady, more even distribution of heat.

Comfort and Health

The consistent supply of warm air has benefits in keeping you healthy. Effectively heating your home during the very cold periods can be a challenge especially if there are persons who are elderly or in poor health. Cold weather can be harmful to these persons whose bodies will not be able to respond to cold temperatures well, and who will be at greater risk for hypothermia.

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, a floor heating system can reduce your symptoms. Forced air distributes dust, pollen, and other irritants throughout your home. There is decreased circulation of airborne particles with in-floor heating.

In-floor heating systems provide other advantages. There is no unsightly, noisy equipment, and they are able to provide the same level of comfort at lower temperatures.

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