Your thermostat has two basic settings: on and auto. It’s important to know which of these settings to choose and when for your home in Kenilworth, Illinois. The right setting on your AC system will help you achieve energy savings and improve air quality.

When to Set the AC System to On

When your AC system is set to on, the fan will blow continuously. Your thermostat will determine whether your cooling system is operating during this time, but the fan will run no matter what. The on setting is appropriate only in situations where you need the extra air circulation.

For example, if you’re cleaning your home and stirring up a lot of dust, you may want to turn the fan on for the duration. In a home with an air cleaning system like a UV lamp, turning the fan on will pull air through the ducts and past the UV light so you’re getting the full benefit of the air purification. You may also want to use the fan setting if you have a large number of guests in the home and want to circulate the air.

When to Set the AC System to Auto

You should rely on your system’s auto setting the majority of the time. When your air conditioner is set to auto, it’ll run only when the home’s temperature is higher than the setting on your thermostat. If your system has a variable speed motor, it’ll also select the appropriate speed to reach your desired temperature as efficiently as possible.

The obvious benefit of using the auto setting is energy savings. You’ll significantly cut back on your electricity use this way. The auto setting also minimizes strain on your air conditioner, so the parts will experience less wear and the unit will ultimately last longer.

If your air conditioner isn’t performing as it should with either setting, contact Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning at 847-272-5836. We’ll help you get optimum performance and efficiency from your AC system.

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