ceiling fanUsing ceiling fans correctly can measurably lower the cost of cooling your home throughout the Northbrook and Highland Park area’s long, hot summers. Achieving the  the greatest benefits for summer, includes setting fans so that blades spin in the right direction.

Why Direction Matters

On your ceiling fan’s motor housing, you will find a small switch that controls the direction in which the fan blades spin. In summer, it should be set so the blades spin counterclockwise or “forward.” When the blades spin in this direction, they push air downward, creating a breeze. This breeze increases the rate of moisture evaporation from your skin, making you feel between five to eight degrees cooler.

In winter, the blades should be set to turn clockwise, or in “reverse,” and the fan turned on to the lowest speed setting. This draws air upward and helps to evenly distribute the warm air in the room.

How You Can Save

By using a ceiling fan to supplement cooling, you will be able to raise the thermostat setting without compromising your comfort. Considering that a ceiling fan uses only about 100 watts of electricity per hour, while an air conditioner consumes 3,000 to 5,000 watts, it is easy to see how you will realize savings. Every degree that you set the thermostat above 78 degrees could reduce cooling costs by three to five percent. To save energy, turn the fan off when you leave the room for extended periods.

Keep your fan clean and properly lubricated, and make sure the screws are secure. Neglecting to maintain your fan reduces efficiency and interferes with its operation.

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