Every dollar spent on energy should be a dollar well spent. That’s why an energy audit is a good idea. An energy audit includes information about where you use and waste the most energy in your home and how to boost efficiency. A professional energy audit in your Northbrook, Illinois, home can help you save money. Prepare for your energy audit by asking your service technician these essential questions:

Are You a Licensed HVAC Specialist?

This question is important when considering which company to use for your energy audits. Having a license ensures that providers have liability insurance and are tried and true HVAC specialists. You should also ask the auditor if he has any certifications or additional training.

Do You Have a Sample Audit Report I Can See?

A sample audit report will allow you to see what the service technician will check for and how he will prioritize the items.

How Many Energy Bills Should I Have Ready?

Twelve months worth of energy bills is good. But electricity providers have detailed historical reports of energy usage for your property for the last several years that are even better.

Should I Supply Any Additional Information?

Write down your schedule. It’s important for the auditor to know when the HVAC system needs to run and which rooms you use most. If someone is home during the day, dialing back the thermostat in the whole house is less practical than turning down the heat to certain rooms.

HVAC systems usually consume the most energy during the summer and winter. If the energy audit indicates that your HVAC system is consuming too much energy, the auditor will make recommendations to solve the problem.

To schedule your energy audit and start saving money, call the licensed HVAC specialists at Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning at 847-272-5836.

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