A ductless or mini-split HVAC system can keep your Northbrook, Illinois, home comfortable, save energy, and lower your utility bills. This system is easier to maintain than a conventional heating or air conditioning system and it doesn’t use valuable closet or attic space. Here are some of the ways a ductless HVAC system can help you to save more.

You’ll Never Have to Worry About Ductwork

A mini-split system has one or more indoor air-handling units and an outdoor condenser. Instead of ductwork, a small conduit connects the indoor and outdoor components. This makes heating and cooling more efficient and keeps you from having to pay for duct cleaning, sealing leaks, or other duct maintenance. You also avoid much of the energy waste and cooling loss that can result from damaged ducts.

Installation is Easier

Installing all the components of a central air conditioning system takes about a week but a skilled professional can set up a ductless system in just a day or two. Since technicians can place the indoor and outdoor units up to 50 feet apart, you can choose an inconspicuous spot for the outdoor condenser. If your last system had ductwork, you won’t have to remove the ducts. Your installer will seal the air registers, and they just won’t connect to your new HVAC system.

Since installation takes less time and effort it will also cost less. Additional savings come from the increased energy efficiency of these systems.

Zoning Adds Efficiency

Ductless HVAC systems with more than one indoor air-handling unit can condition separate zones or rooms in your home. Each indoor unit has its own thermostat, so you won’t have to waste energy and money heating or cooling unoccupied zones. You can set different temperatures for different zones to make everyone in your family comfortable, no matter what his or her temperature preferences are day or night. Some systems can even connect with your smartphone.

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