Northbrook, Illinois, might still be suffering cold temperatures, but spring is finally here. With it comes flowers, sunshine and the promise of new life. Spring is the perfect time to prepare our HVAC system for the hot summer months to come. Every HVAC system needs maintenance before switching from heat to air conditioning. We use this simple springtime AC maintenance checklist to prepare for summer:

Check the Condenser

We visually inspect the condensing coil and clear away any debris. Then, we fix bent coils and scrub the unit to remove dirt and grime. Don’t worry; we’re careful not to bend the coils.

Inspect the Drain Lines

Air conditioners pull humidity from the air. It’s then condensed into water and drained away.

You should check the rubber drain lines for leaks, blockages, microbial growth and holes. Call a service technician if you need to repair or replace the line.

Replace Filters

Commercial property owners can extend their HVAC systems’ lifespans by properly cleaning them every year. Also, remember to replace air filters at the change of the season. Always use high-quality filters.

Check Refrigerant Levels

If refrigerants levels are low, it’s a sign of a leak. Don’t add any more refrigerant, and call us immediately. Performing repairs yourself can lead to voiding the unit’s warranty.

Inspect Wiring

The insulation around wires deteriorates in the sun and heat. Make sure insulation is in good shape to prevent arching, which can lead to house fires.

Look for cracks, burn marks, hot spots, melted plastics or any obvious signs of arcing. If you need to cover wires with flex tubing or replace them completely, don’t do it yourself. Doing DIY repairs to HVAC systems can lead to injury and insurance nightmares in the event of a fire.

This simple checklist helps us extend the life of your HVAC system by several years. If you find damage or need professional AC maintenance, call the HVAC experts at Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning at 847-272-5836.

Image provided by Shutterstock