Roberts Heating and Cooling Smart ThermostatsHigh tech thermostats are doing more than just dialing the heat up and down. HVAC technology has advanced beyond manually adjusted thermostats. Options now include programmable units, mobile apps and remote controls that will schedule custom temperature cycles, provide energy efficient  settings, and offer comfort-enhancing features.

Smart Thermostat Features

One of the most fascinating features of a modern smart thermostat is adaptive learning. They “learn” from your past behavior, and adjust temperatures accordingly. A more standard feature of smart, programmable thermostats is remote control. If you’re at the office or watching a ball-game, you can access your home thermostat via a smart-phone, tablet or laptop, and adjust the temperatures. Some of these models also will alert you to problems with your HVAC system, such as a power outage or needed air filter change.

Other features include the ability to adjust temperatures to the relative humidity in the home, and show energy consumption patterns.

Smart Thermostat Programming Benefits

Even with all the bells and whistles, the main benefit of smart, programmable thermostats remains the basic ability to set a program to match your daily and weekly schedule. If you go to work every day at the same time, returning around the same time as well, you can set the thermostat to lower (or raise) the temperature while you’re gone. You can do the same thing during your usual sleeping hours. The energy savings are substantial when you’re not fully heating (or cooling) an empty house for eight or nine hours every day.

Programmable thermostats usually come with different programming options, so you can have one program to cover the work week and another for the weekend (or each day of the weekend).

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