You have your constant and faithful companions, whether they’re carefree canines or fickle felines. And even though nothing will ever break the special bond between you and your furry friends, you may wish that there was something you could do to better manage the air quality of your home in Northbrook, Illinois. Fortunately, there are three simple steps you can take to keep air clean in your pet-friendly home.

Keep Your Home and Pet Clean

Begin by vacuuming your house a bit more frequently than if you were living alone. Remember that practically all dogs and cats shed hair and fur, which drifts around in your home and carries unwanted odors. Your companions also deposit dander, which are tiny particles of naturally shedding skin. Bathing your companion as directed by your vet will help reduce the hair, fur and dander in your home.

Invest in Whole-Home Ventilation

In the past, homes were often built with a large fan in the attic that pulled outside air in through the screened windows on the ground floor. This airflow not only kept the house cool in the summer but also constantly refreshed the air in the home. Your modern home can benefit from a modern ventilator system. It’ll work with your HVAC system to replace the stale air in your home and eliminate pet odors.

Install a Quality Air Purifier

As you vacuum more regularly, ensure your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter that will help capture the fur and dander you want to remove from your home. But even the best vacuum cleaner can’t provide the continuous cleaning of a dedicated air purifier system. An air purifier works with your HVAC system to remove the smallest of airborne particles. That includes your pet’s hair, fur and dander.

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