When your car is in dire need of repair, you don’t take it to just any mechanic. Nor do you take your sick child to just any doctor in Northbrook, Illinois. If you trust everything else in your life to those with the expertise to handle it right, you should do the same with your HVAC system. By ensuring that the HVAC technicians working in your home are NATE certified, you’ll save money and experience fewer problems. Here’s how you can avoid HVAC-related issues by hiring technicians who are NATE certified.

What Is NATE Certification?

Just like your doctor received special training and had to pass specific tests to practice medicine legally, the same is true of NATE-certified technicians. NATE, which stands for North American Technician Excellence, is a nonprofit organization that ensures that HVAC contractors and their customers get knowledgeable and reliable service. NATE does this by rigorously testing technicians in their various fields of practice.

Once a technician passes these in-depth tests, they become certified. Most HVAC contractors only look for technicians with NATE certifications because they can be assured of their commitment to high levels of workmanship and customer service. Homeowners can trust their valuable HVAC equipment to technicians who are NATE certified.

Other Benefits of Hiring NATE-Certified Technicians

Not all technicians are committed to going the extra mile or have all the necessary skills and training. However, these are basic requirements for NATE-certified technicians. By relying on a company like ours that is staffed with these technicians, you can be confident that we are qualified to work with any system and that we can be trusted to deliver efficient and professional service.

A NATE-certified technician can be relied upon to maintain HVAC efficiency and effectively conduct repairs. Thanks to top-notch repairs, you’ll experience lower utility costs and a reduced risk of problems developing with your system. HVAC services provided by technicians with this certification are typically completed correctly the first time. They have a lower call back rate than any other technicians in the industry. Hiring an HVAC contractor without NATE certification may leave you with unresolved problems.

Trust your HVAC system, and thus the comfort of your home, to the people who are experts in their field. To see the benefits of hiring NATE-certified technicians firsthand, call Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning today at 847-272-5836.

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