A radiant heating system has pipes that circulate hot water or electric heating coils installed under the floors. It can get rid of chilly floors easily, and it’s more efficient than a central heating system with ductwork. However, you should still stay alert for signs of a problem. If you notice any of these signs in your Northbrook, Illinois, home, you may need to repair or replace your radiant heating system:

Uneven or Absent Heat

If your floors don’t heat evenly, you could have air bubbles in your pipes keeping the water from flowing freely. You could also have:

  • A damaged heating cable
  • A lack of proper insulation
  • Cables or pipes that aren’t spaced correctly for your home

If your radiant heating system isn’t working at all, you could have:

  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • A problem with the wiring in your house

Floor Damage

A leak in your radiant heating system’s pipes can lead to:

  • Damp or discolored carpeting
  • Vinyl or wood flooring coming loose
  • Bad smells from biological growth
  • Strange noises

If you or your family members notice any of these signs of a leak, get your system checked by a professional immediately. That way, you can stop the problem before it becomes worse.

High Utility Bills

Most radiant floor heating uses a closed-loop system that recycles the same water. Therefore, it should use less electricity or gas than other heaters. It also shouldn’t have an impact on your water bill. If you shut off the water in your home but your meter still runs, you probably have a leak. An increase in electricity or gas expenses could indicate a problem as well. In such instances, seek professional help.

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