To prepare for winter in the Northbrook, Illinois area, you likely gather your snow shovel, ice scraper, and de-icing products for your walkway or driveway. The roof, however, is another story. Mainly because it’s not easily accessed or doing so might be dangerous, we might ignore it and convince ourselves that the sun will take care of it eventually. While you’re warm indoors, however, your home may be suffering in several ways because of ice on the roof. Contact a professional for help with roof de-icing solutions so you can avoid costly damage to your home.

Snow and Ice Can Cause Damage

Many people don’t know that small amounts of ice can be just as harmful as heavy snow. As the temperature drops, water that has seeped into cracks in the roof can freeze. The frozen water expands, enlarging the cracks and increasing the risk of your roof leaking.

Ice and snow on the roof can also be hazardous to anyone walking outdoors. Icicles or large blocks of ice can detach from the gutters, or slide off roofs and hit persons below. Snow and ice falling off the roof can also create a slippery surface next to the house.

Prevent Damage with Roof De-Icing Systems

It’s not practical to manually shovel snow off the roof. Roof de-icing systems involve installing heating cables where ice and snow collect. The cables keep those areas just tepid enough to prevent ice from forming. They can be mounted on roofs and in gutters to prevent damage to your property.

Advantages of Roof Heating Systems

There are many advantages to using a de-icing system. The automated system warms up automatically in response to the surrounding air. There is little upkeep, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Roof de-icing systems are also energy efficient. It only costs about $.35 per hour to heat a 300-square-foot area of the roof.

Make sure your home is protected this winter. Call Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning at 847-272-5836 for more information about de-icing techniques and products. Our winters can bring frigid temperatures, and ice and snow storms. Consider a roof de-icing system as a great option for our Illinois winters.

Image Provided by Shutterstock.