Manufacturers are required to display efficiency information on hot water heating systems so that customers have access to information that might be important in their purchase decision. AFUE is the measure of efficiency that is also used for furnaces and boilers. As a consumer, you may be interested in both the heating performance and efficiency levels of a system as you prepare to replace your existing equipment. Paying attention to efficiency ratings such as the AFUE, can make a huge difference in comfort in your Northbrook, IL, home.

What Does AFUE Mean?

AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, which represents the ratio of the heat produced in comparison to the amount of fuel consumed by a system. With a higher efficiency rating, more of the fossil fuel used is converted to heat. With a lower efficiency rating, there is a greater level of waste as less fuel is converted to heat.

Higher Energy Ratings for Better Savings

Efficiency levels for a hot water heating system can range from approximately 60 percent to 97 percent depending on the type of equipment. The lowest levels are associated with equipment that was produced prior to the 1970s. Modern equipment will be more efficient, and can have annual fuel utilization efficiencies of 80 or more. Those with high efficiency are typically ENERGY STAR® certified as well. A better rating for energy performance means that less fuel is needed to accomplish your heating needs, which translates to lower utility bills.

Energy Tax Credits

A tax credit is often available for energy-efficient equipment or appliances. If this is important to your purchase decision, check whether or not credits have expired. Credits are usually a percentage of the cost, and can include installation costs as well. Your heater will need to meet certain minimum AFUE levels to be eligible. Making your upgrade could actually be more affordable as a result of this credit.

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