One of the best ways you can extend the life of your HVAC system, and save money running it during the year, is regularly changing your air filter. Changing your air filter is way more important than most people realize. By regularly changing your air filter you are not only helping your unit run more efficiently but you are also protecting your home and your family from breathing in dirty air and harmful particles over time.

First, a brief lesson about how your HVAC system works. Your furnace takes air in and uses gas or electricity to heat the air and send it through the home. Your air conditioner outside intakes air cools it off using electricity and coolant and then sends it through the home. Your ductwork is the system that the air travels through in order for the air to go throughout your home. Finally, the thermostat is the brain of the system that tells the air when to flow. So what happens about the air already in your home? That is sent through your HVAC system and heated or cooled as well in order to keep the air moving. This is where your air filter comes in. This fiberglass sheet material cleans the air that is moving throughout your home.

Dangers Of Not Changing Your Air Filter

Since the air through your home is constantly moving around that means that things like particles, pet pollen, expelled air, dirt, dust, and more can also be traveling through your HVAC system. Your air filter is how you protect your lungs from breathing all of those things in air over and over. Therefore, you should constantly change your air filter in order to help your system. Here are the benefits of changing your air filter:

Your Health Benefits: When air isn’t being forced through your system this means that particles, dust, and other adverse health problem will not be forced through the duct system and then just fall in the ducts and stay there. Therefore, when you go to tune up the system or repair the system then newly restored airflow will blast all that stuff in our system into the air you are breathing. Furthermore, the air filter is designed to filter out all the particles, mold, and more to protect you and your family in the future. Because the air can’t travel through the filter this means that moisture and more can stop between the fibers and on the wrong side of the filter mold can start to grow. These mold spores can then colonize and travel through the ductwork which can wreak havoc on your home in the future.

Your HVAC System Will Last Longer: Since air passes through your filter that means that the system runs to force the air through. When your filter is clogged, dusty or dirty, that means that your system is running harder than it has to in order to force that air through. When your system is running harder and longer this will cause the system to overheat which can seize the system. This will also cause your HVAC system to break down more and require more repairs over time.

You Will Lower Your Bills: Your HVAC system runs in order to match the setting on your thermostat. Therefore the system will run every time in order to make the air match that setting. When your air filter is clogged and air is not passing through it that means that your system will have to run longer in order to get to the desired temp. If air is flowing through your system easily that means that your system will run less in order to reach the desired temperature. When your system runs less, it will save you money. Companies estimate that you can save 15% on our utility bills just by changing your air filters.

How Often Should I Change the Air Filter?
Every month to be safe, 2-3 months based on the filters you are using. Filters are inexpensive and the benefits of making sure they are regularly changed are incalculable especially if it protects your system in the future. We recommend you by a middle-grade filter, set a reminder in your phone on the same date every month and change your air filter at the reminder.
Protect your home, protect your family, protect your health, and finally protect your HVAC system by changing your filters regularly!