Whether you are doing a tune up with a multi point inspections, trying to control your humidity, or changing your air filter (or forgetting too) there is one thing that you can do to make sure your HVAC system runs properly all year, prevent break-downs, and gives you priority service when you need it. Signing up for a maintenance plan through a qualifies and trusted HVAC service is the best way to maintain your system and extend the life of your entire system.

Why should you invest in a maintenance plan for the There are many reasons to sign up for a maintenance plan for your HVAC system but the main reason is – This is Chicagoland! We can experience ALL seasons in one week! In 2019, we have had polar vortexes, ice rain, and 50 degree days, ALL IN ONE WEEK! When the temperature and the weather goes through extreme changes your HVAC system can run hot and run cold. These temperature fluctuations can put strain on your system, which can increase the chances that it can seize up and have problems in the future. This is when a maintenance agreement can be a great and useful plan in order to help the overall life of your HVAC system.

Besides the crazy temperature fluctuations in the area we live, here are some other reasons to have a maintenance agreement from an HVAC service in your area:

Regular Check Ups – Besides changing your air filters one of the major ways you can increase the life of your system is by receiving regular check ups and tune ups. With a maintenance agreement you are ensured to get your unit inspected two times a year. This includes cleanings and equipment checks to make sure that your system is consistently up to date and working well.

Spot Problems Before They Become Serious – Serious HVAC problems cost serious money. However, there are warning signs that your HVAC system might be having issues besides just loud noises and banging problems. When you have a maintenance agreement your technician can find those problems before they become serious situations. Repair on HVAC systems is relative to the parts needed and the work being done. Replacing a coil is easier than changing out a blown motor. Maintenance agreements help you isolate and identify broken items before they cause you to break the bank.

Lowering Your Utility Bills – Maintenance agreements can help you lower your utility bills throughout the year. Since maintenance agreements come up regular check ups and tune ups your system is guaranteed to run at optimal performance which will ensure that the air is flowing through your system which will cause your system run less. When your system is running less you are lowing your utility bills. At a certain point you can increase your utility saving so much you are covering the cost of the maintenance plan!

Priority Service – It’s 95 degrees in the area in the middle of July. You hear hear a thud and all the sudden your air conditioning cuts out. Your house is warming up fast. You need a technician and you need one fast. With a maintenance agreement you have priority service so you know that you are covered when those nightmarish scenarios arise in the future.

Improve Air Quality – We already know that humidity and air flow is important to help filter particles and prevent harmful particles from growing in your home. Investing in a maintenance agreement can help improve the air quality of your home and maintain your humidity as well. You can start to see the overall benefits to your health through routine maintenance and ensuring that your system is working by filtering out those particles and those problems for you and your family.

Reduced Cost: Your cost of investing into your HVAC system over and over by repair after repair is dramatically reduced by investing in an HVAC Maintenance Agreement. There will be less need for repairs on your units, less costly house call from an HVAC company, less wear and tear on the parts for your system so they last longer. Not only are you benefiting your system but also your wallet as well.

HVAC units, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Humidifier Systems, these are all high ticket expensive items especially dependant on the size of your house. End the headaches and end the frustrations you experience every year by investing in a maintenance agreement every year. There is no reason not to wth the benefits your recieve and the cost for the investment will pay you back ten fold in cost savings, price reductions, and a personalized attention during an emergency. Our weather is not going to change anytime soon so protect yourself, your home, and your family, with a quality maintenance plan today!