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Prior to the arrival of European settlers, Northbrook was home to a diverse mix of Potawatomi tribes. After a series of skirmishes, farmers from New England and the Mid-Atlantic states took over the area and began to cultivate corn, wheat, and other subsistence crops. Initially named Shermerville after a prominent early resident, the city was incorporated in 1901. In 1923, the city’s leaders voted to change its name to Northbrook. Although the town remained sleepy until the middle of the 20th century, the construction of cheap, low-density housing tracts in the region encouraged middle-class Chicago residents to migrate to the area. Over the past several decades, Northbrook has become increasingly affluent and family-friendly.

Population and Demographics

Northbrook has a population of just under 35,000. Like many surrounding communities, the city is far more affluent than Illinois at large and boasts an ample population of white-collar professionals. Nuclear families dominate the area’s social scene, and Northbrook’s excellent schools are a powerful draw for young parents across Northern Illinois. Thanks to the presence of major employers like Allstate, Kraft Foods, and Walgreens’ corporate office, locals tend to have below-average commute times.

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Things to Do in Northbrook, Illinois

Northbrook’s quiet exterior belies its wealth of attractions. In the summer, locals flock to the miles-long beach on the shore of nearby Lake Michigan or head to the cool, shady expanse of Lake County Forest Preserve. Local joggers can enjoy several miles of trails at Chipilly Woods, and bird-watchers love the morning quiet at adjacent Somme Woods. As the home of legendary director John Hughes, Northbrook is also a haven for film buffs. Several 1980s-era blockbusters, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, were filmed at the city’s Glenbrook North High School. Meanwhile, golfers can play to their hearts’ content at city-owned Sportsman’s Golf Club.

Air Conditioning Repair in Northbrook, Illinois

For years, Roberts Heating & Air Conditioning has served the residents and business owners of the North Shore with distinction. As a family-owned business, Roberts employs trustworthy, experienced technicians who carry up-to-date Illinois licenses and NATE certifications. Whether they’re installing a new air conditioning system in a local office building or performing routine maintenance checks at local residences, these air conditioning service professionals get the job done “on time and on budget.” In addition to their installation, repair and maintenance services, Roberts’ employees can perform essential, money-saving services like indoor air quality audits, insulation exams, and energy-efficiency analyses.

Roberts isn’t just known as Northbrook’s premier provider of 24-hour air conditioning and heating service. The company’s fully staffed, well-kept showroom is factory-authorized to sell the full lineup of Carrier products, including powerful air conditioners, efficient furnaces and health-promoting indoor air quality equipment. The company’s high-quality accessories include air cleaners, humidifiers, germicidal lamps, thermostats, remotes and more. Long-term factory warranties cover many of these products and offer essential peace of mind. Best of all, Roberts’ annual maintenance agreements leave an easy-to-follow “paper trail” that boosts homes’ resale values and satisfies local building inspectors. Roberts is a true friend to Northbrook.

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Climate and Weather

Northbrook’s temperate climate is similar to that of much of the lower Great Lakes region. During the winter, occasional incursions of Arctic air can cause temperatures to plummet and produce heavy snowfall. Fortunately, such events are usually short-lived. The transitional seasons tend to be breezy and pleasant, but soaking rains can complicate travel during the spring months. In the summer, warm, humid air masses settle over the region and spawn frequent thunderstorms that keep its vegetation lush and green. Fall foliage season peaks in mid-October.


Northbrook is located in the North Shore region of Chicago’s northern suburbs. It’s just a short drive from the shore of Lake Michigan and lies near a broad expanse of protected woodland. The city itself is characterized by a regular street grid, medium-lot zoning, and heavy tree cover. Many of its houses were built during the middle of the 20th century, but its commercial zones tend to be much newer, much lower-density affairs. Local thoroughfares include Interstates 94 and 294 as well as U.S. Highway 41 and Illinois Highway 43.

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